Jen Lewis’ staring -- Judge Constantino's Finding

Judge William Constantino’s decision of June 13, 2007, page 13-14:

When Ms. Li returned from Virginia to the Marlboro facility, on occasion, she and Ms. Lewis would encounter each other in the hallways or footpaths of the Marlboro facility. If no one was around when this occurred, Ms. Jen Lewis would stare at Ms. Li. These encounters occurred occasionally from January 2004 to August 2004.

On account of the staring of Jen Lewis, Ms. Li sent an e-mail to Art Builing in the human resources department concerning her safety.

Ms. Li thought her life would be in danger because of the staring at her by Jen Lewis.

Ms. Li felt physically threatened by Jen Lewis because of Jen Lewis’ staring at her.

The first time Jen Lewis stared at Ms. Li was in January 2004.

As of June 2004, Ms. Li and Jen Lewis worked in the same building, and they would encounter each other more often, about once every two weeks.

According to Ms. Li, when Jen Lewis stared at her, the impression revealed disgust. To Ms. Li, it was a hard look, a challenging look.

When Ms. Lewis stared at Ms. Li in January 2004, Ms. Li was very nervous, so that she sent an e-mail to a coworker, Ha Doo.