Raytheon's EAP social worker John Didio's Interrogation, Harassment

Li's Affidavit Regarding John Didio's Interview of 8/3/04

18. On August 3, 2004, Arthur Buliung called me to come to his office to see John Didio. I was happy to see Mr. Didio because I thought Mr. Didio was going to investigate my complaint. I had no idea about the impending mental evaluation, and I thought Mr. Didio was a HR officer or investigator.

19. I arrived only to see Mr. Buliung and Ms. Kolenski there. Mr. Buliung held up the email paper and asked, "do you feel any physical threaten from Jen Lewis?" I said "yes, she stared at me." At this time, Mr. Didio came in.

20. Mr. Didio sat down and asked me to sign a paper of confidentiality; I was scared by the word "confidential" and refused to sign. I told him "confidential is dirty".

21. The interview stated:
Mr. Didio: Do you want to kill someone?

Ms. Li: (bewildered) Do you mean someone want to kill me?

Mr. Didio: No, I mean do YOU want to kill someone?

Ms. Li: (angrily) For this question? You should ask THEM!

Mr. Didio: (suddenly excited with a very sneaky and sneering look on his face, ferally staring at me just like a hungry animal met his prey.) Do you want to ..? Do you want to ..? (each "Do you want to" followed a finger pointed at Ms. Li)

Ms. Li: (very angry; felt as if being raped) Stop it! I'm the victim! (Ms. Li and Mr. Didio stared at each other, this dramatic staring is unforgettable!)

Mr. Buliung stopped Mr. Didio.

22. Before he left the room, he held a pad of paper with questions and asked me to answer them and return to him. I was scared and refused. Then Mr. Didio left the room. The interview lasted about 10 minutes.
23. Mr. Buliung and Ms. Kolenski asked about the Jen Lewis staring incident for a few minutes. Somehow, Mr. Didio came back again and sat there.

24. Mr. Buliung reported to Mr. Didio about Ms. Lewis' staring, and Mr. Didio answered, "interview Jen Lewis!" and then turned to me and asked when was the first time she stared at me.
25. When we talked about Ms. Lewis and her woman group, I said that they mistreated me for long time and actually I did not care anymore. Mr. Didio became very "smart" and he said "what? You don't care if they mistreated you?" I was annoyed and turned my head around and stopped talking to him. Mr. Buliung stopped Mr. Didio again.

26. Before Mr. Didio left the room, he asked me if we could make an appointment, I refused it. Then he left again.

27. I complained to Mr. Buliung "He is insulting." Mr. Buliung answered "If Jen Lewis read that email, what she will feel?" I said "probably same, but that email is my true feeling." By that time, I realized that Mr. Buliung personally biased towards Jen Lewis, a very attractive white female. He believed that my email insulted Jen Lewis even without finding out why Ms. Lewis stared at me.